In the field of sustainable biofuel production Data-Tunneling®© allows for the secure sending of data and information along a supply chain, protecting it from manipulation.

A delivery note with sustainability information is generated using the SSC602-Standard®©, which meets the legal and system requirements necessary for the transfer of sustainable biomass for biofuel production. Using this data a scannable QR code is generated utilizing the ISM-Encryption®©, which may be printed on the delivery note besides the readable unencrypted data. The entire set of data consisting of readable information and the encrypted QR-Code are able to be saved, sent onwards or hard copy printed.

The recipient along the supply chain receives the set of data in the form of a digital file or hardcopy. Due to the ISM-Encryption®© only the readable information is accessible. The unreadable information inside the QR-Code can be scanned and imported into a database or saved as a digital file. When importing the encrypted data from the QR-Code it is automatically deciphered and saved as readable information inside the database.

Using the SSC602-Standards®© yet another dataset with ISM-Encryption®© QR-Code can be generated out of the database, which may then be passed on further along the supply chain.

As a result of the ISM-Encryption®©, which cannot be manipulated by third parties at any time, all data along the supply chain from the point of origin all the way to the last interface is traceable and secure to the highest standards against unauthorized access and external manipulation.