t&c papers®

t&c papers® generates sustainable delivery notes on which all data is additionally stored in a code field. All delivery notes generated by t&c papers® are fully compatible with t&c papers®, which makes it possible to enter delivery data quickly and easily at the customer's site by scanning.

Thanks to the SSC602-Standard used, unprecedented data integrity is achieved, input of delivery data accelerated and typing errors voided in daily operations. All delivery notes are compatible with the DE and EU regulation systems.

As a stand-alone version, t&c papers® is easily installed and can immediately be used. Each licence of t&c papers® is company-specific and not transferable.

t&c papers® is available as an application of the software bundle track&certify trade® as well.

t&c papers® offers the follwing features:

  • Generation of a scannable QR Code using the SSC602 standard with all relevant data on the delivery notes.
  • Creation of DE and EU compliant delivery notes with sustainability information.
  • Creation and administration of customer master data.
  • Creation of delivery notes in PDF format.
  • Creation of templates for quick processing of recurring deliveries.
  • Full compatibility with track&certify®.

 Minimum system requirements:

  • Java Virtual Machine 1.6 update 6 or newer.
  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 2003 Server / Windows 2008 Server or newer.
  • 22 MB free space disk space.
  • 516 MB of RAM or more.

You are welcome to request a personal offer for our t&c software product licenses.

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