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Licensing prices t&c software family


SQL- Database required

Network compatible

Modules available

Customising required

User license €


 Software   €



t&c transport® no yes no no no 299.00 request
track&certify® single yes yes no no no 529.00 request
track&certify® single 1. Installation and briefing at cost  
track&certify® enterprise yes yes yes yes 450.00/annual 869.00 request 
avaible track&certify® enterprise modules:
               Contract Management Module (CMM) 399.00  
Easy Monitoring Module (EMM) 299.00  
Production Schedule Module (PSM) 498.00  
Quick Sales Module (QSM) 299.00  
Cost Calculation Module (CCM) 599.00  
track&certify® enterprise installation and training at cost  
blend&calculate® single yes yes no no no 429.00 request
blend&calculate® single 1. Installation and briefing at cost  
blend&calculate® enterprise yes yes yes yes 350.00/annual 629.00 request
blend&calculate® enterprise installalation and training at cost  
GHG Calculator no no no no no free of charge  


  • The t&c transport®, track&certify® single and blend&calculate® single applications can be downloaded here at: Download-Centre. Download covers desktop application and SQL script. The SQL database is not subject to download.
  • Hardcopy and updates are not included.
  • After payment being received, a 3 day valid download code will be provided by email to enable software download finally.
  • The first installation of the application and a brief basic training are provided on customers demand for a flat rate each as said above additionally. This includes the SQL database (freeware).
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT