EUFEX offers the empiric calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for all economic operators along the entire supply chain. In cooperation with the customers comprehensive analyses of the status-quo are conducted, in form of an “attestation” documented, and the emissions values computed according to the recognized methodological frameworks (EU, ISCC, etc.).

This attestation, in which all computational steps and empiric consumption values are documented, reports as the final result the absolute empiric GHG emission values of the specific company as well as the relative ones seen in comparison to the fossil comparator. The document is intended to be presented at site-audits by certification bodies as well as at the occasion of other controls. Further, this attestation provides our customers with in-depth information on future GHG emission reduction potentials.

Moreover, EUFEX offers the service to apply for new GHG emission default values with the authorities in charge, e.g. in case of new types of energy plants, based upon calculations of empiric emissions.