track&certify® is a professional mass balance system for the management of sustainable goods and has been developed considering the Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

The RED respectively EU Directive 2009/28/EC as well as its incorporation into the German law in the form of BioStNachV and BiokraftNachV presents a challenge for companies that produce, process, or trade sustainable raw materials. In order to satisfy legal requirements, and to obtain the required sustainability certificate all movements of materials have to be seamlessly documented in a mass balancing system and have to be reported to the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food. The commonly used industrial ERP systems do not constitute a mass balancing system according to the understanding of the certification systems (ISCC, REDcert).

The fulfillment of all requirements of the certification systems is usually associated with much effort and corresponding costs. The daily workload to manage the input and output values as well as their evaluation and reporting is considerable.

This is where track&certify® comes in. The software developed by EUFEX is explicitly aimed towards the processing of data in a mass balancing system. The user easily and seamlessly documents the entire supply chain in compliance with the law, regardless of whether the raw materials are delivered by the oil mill next door by tank-truck, or by boat from overseas. track&certify® manages both fully sustainable as well as mixed partially sustainable materials, and tracks the empirically calculated or default greenhouse gas emission values and the resulting greenhouse gas reduction potential for every shipment.

The newly developed "batchtracing" allows track&certify® to assign custom GHG values automatically to your output deliveries and is compatible with the valid certification regulations for both EU and DE systems.

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