Whether advanced, waste/residual or conventional, the importance of feedstock selection in sustainable biofuel production is becoming increasingly important.

EUFEX provides comprehensive advice on the use of feedstocks for sustainable biofuel production. While the share of conventional crops is decreasing, the aspects of recycling waste and commodities are becoming more and more important, moreover, to improve the reported GHG value of the final product.

We will answer your questions about the approval, GHG saving potential, direct impact on your biofuel quota and other regulatory matters concerning waste and residues. Benefit from our many years of experience if you want to integrate new feedstocks into your business model.

The use of waste for sustainable biofuel production is subject to particularly strict regulations which we gladly assist you in fulfilling. Use our in-house developed Stoffbrevier as a way of reliably determining and documenting the waste properties of your raw material. Our portfolio is completed by detailed reports on the waste properties as defined by the Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetzes (KrWG).



Other services

We offer versatile software solutions for certified products and trade of sustainable biomass.

We educate your employees in all regards of sustainability and help answer all questions about certifications.

We offer empiric calculations and testifying of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for all company segments along the entire chain of production.

We offer our clients a regular monitoring to mitigate risks and ensure a permanent business model