Successful certification is part of a secure business model. This requires comprehensible, conclusive mass balances that comply with the relevant regulations.

EUFEX offers its customers qualified regular monitoring of the mass balance in order to minimise risks and secure the business in the long term. The numerous legal regulations and systemic requirements for the production of sustainable biofuels pose major challenges for companies in the industry. In day-to-day operations, errors occur time and again that can jeopardise the continuation of the necessary certifications and, in the worst case, lead to the loss of a certificate.

With clearing through EUFEX, we offer a regular check of your mass balance to ensure the traceability of the flow of goods. Benefit from our latest up-to-date expertise and vast experience.



Other services

We offer versatile software solutions for certified products and trade of sustainable biomass.

We educate your employees in all regards of sustainability and help answer all questions about certifications.

We offer empiric calculations and testifying of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for all company segments along the entire chain of production.

We advise you on this topic on regular basis and offer the possibility of reliable documentation of wase properties using our in-house developed Stoffbrevier.