track&certify enterprise® is a professional mass balance system for managing sustainable biomass and was developed with the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and its successor directive (RED II) in mind.

RED and RED II as well as their implementation in national law pose a great challenge to companies that produce, process or trade sustainable raw materials. In order to meet the legal requirements and obtain the necessary certificate of sustainability, all raw material movements must be fully documented in a mass balance system. In order to meet the legal requirements and obtain the necessary sustainability certificate, all raw material movements must be fully documented in a mass balance system. The standard inventory management systems used by the industry broadly don’t represent a mass balance system in the sense of certification systems (REDcert, ISCC, etc.). 

Fulfilment of all requirements of the certification systems is usually associated with a lot of effort and corresponding costs. The daily workload for documenting the input and output values as well as their evaluation and reporting is considerable.

This is where track&certify® enterprise comes into play. The software developed by EUFEX is explicitly tailored to the processing of data in a mass balance system. The user can effortlessly document the entire supply chain in a seamless and legally compliant manner, regardless of whether the raw material is delivered by truck from the oil mill next door or by ship from overseas. track&certify® enterprise manages both purely sustainable and mixed partially sustainable raw materials and takes into account the empirically determined or standard greenhouse gas values for each delivery, as well as the resulting greenhouse gas reduction potential.

Thanks to the “batch-tracing” developed by EUFEX, track&certify® enterprise enables automatic allocation of GHG values for customised outbound deliveries and is compatible with the common certification systems for both EU and DE systems.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We are allways happy to present track&certify® enterprise to you in more detail during a personal appointment.

track&certify® enterprise version 5.0.1

Key Features:

  • EU database access via eDelivery
  • Create supplier and customer lists taking into account sustainability criteria (e.g. certificate number or interface number).
  • Creation of material master data with their specific sustainable properties (e.g. NaBiSy code, yield losses or additives).
  • Consideration of empirical or standardised GHG emission values.
  • Disposition of in and out-going deliveries.
  • Compare stored contract parameters with determined laboratory values.
  • Book inbound and outbound deliveries.
  • Automatic allocation of incoming deliveries to outgoing deliveries via “batch-tracing” for the creation of tailored GHG values, fully considering sustainability criteria.
  • Generation and storage of delivery notes with sustainability information.
  • Print and scan QR codes on delivery notes with the SSC602-Standard.
  • Highest security through data tunnelling and Eufex-ISM Encryption.
  • Creation and storage of certificates of sustainability.
  • Upload and download .csv files from and to Nabisy automatically.
  • Up-to-date mass balancing at any time by means of a report function for the respective balancing period.
  • Import transaction data via a defined interface to other inventory management systems automatically.
  • Automated printout of documents.
  • Extensive evaluation options for the transaction data and the possibility to export data (e.g. in Excel format).
  • Individual tailoring of the software to the specific requirements of your company.

The following modules are integrated into track&certify® enterprise:

t&c transport® Modul
Module to calculate transport emissions (Details)

Contract Management Module (CMM)
Module to create and manage purchase and sales contracts

Production Schedule Module (PSM)
Planning module for feedstock requirements in production

Quick Sales Module (QSM)
Extension to the PSM module. Visualisation of short notice sales

Easy Monitoring Module (EMM)
Module for data aggregation of different production locations as well as Presentation and evaluation of production ids


Other services

Versatile software solutions for certified production and trade of sustainable biomass.

We offer our clients a regular monitoring to mitigate risks and ensure a permanent business model.

We advise you on this topic on regular basis and offer the possibility of reliable documentation of wase properties using our in-house developed Stoffbrevier.

We offer empiric calculations and testifying of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for all company segments along the entire chain of production.