Emission calculations

Keeping greenhouse gas emissions as low as possible is the essential basis of sustainable biofuel production.
EUFEX offers the calculation and testifying of real greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for all company segments along the entire chain of measured values. The calculation is carried out according to the defined methodology of the EU Directive 2018/2001 (RED II) i.e. the specifications of the respective relevant certification system, usually ISCC or REDcert.

Thanks to EUFEX’s extensive experience, the calculation carried out provides the company with an optimised and, at the same time, auditable actual emission value for the plant or transport route. During the calculation, it is often possible to identify weak points in the production and show potential for improvement to reach an optimised plant value.



Other services

We offer versatile software solutions for certified products and trade of sustainable biomass.

We educate your employees in all regards of sustainability and help answer all questions about certifications.

We offer our clients a regular monitoring to mitigate risks and ensure a permanent business model.

We advise you on this topic on regular basis and offer the possibility of reliable documentation of wase properties using our in-house developed Stoffbrevier.