The “Sustainable Supply Chain Standard” SSC602-Standard®© was originally developed for transfers of information along the biomass supply chain. The dynamic nature of the standard allows it to be used in almost all other business applications.

The SSC602-Standard®© describes a data structure that makes it possible to capture common data, chemical properties and (virtual) properties of sustainability, which can then quickly be transmitted in encrypted form via a QR code or file.

The QR code or file generated by this standard is protected against manipulation and unauthorised access by third parties by the ISM-Encryption®© developed especially for this purpose.

The SSC602-Standard®© achieves an unprecedented level of data integrity. Inputting complex data requires only the push of a button, the workload is reduced to a minimum and manual entry errors are eliminated in daily operations.

The SSC602-Standard®© is shaped to comply with all legal and system requirements regarding the production of sustainable biofuels and, with Data-Tunnelling®© applied, marks an important contribution to the traceability of biomass back to its origin.


Other services

Versatile software solutions for certified production and trade of sustainable biomass.

We offer our clients a regular monitoring to mitigate risks and ensure a permanent business model.

We advise you on this topic on regular basis and offer the possibility of reliable documentation of wase properties using our in-house developed Stoffbrevier.

We offer empiric calculations and testifying of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for all company segments along the entire chain of production.